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Letras e Cifras // Estrela, Estrela // Letra


Estrela, Estrela

Star, star
How to be like this
So alone, so alone  
Never suffering  
Shining, shining  w
Almost unintentionally  
Leting, leting  
Be what one is  
On the naked body  
Of constellation  
You are, you are  
Over one of the hands  
You go and come  
As a lantern  
By the cold wind  
Of anywhere  
It's good to know  
That you are part of me  
The same way you are  
Part of the mornings  
The best, the best  
Is to be able to enjoy  
The peace, the peace  
That you bring here  
I sing, I sing  
For being able to see you   
In the sky, in the sky
Like a balloon  
I sing and know  
That you also see me  
Here, here  
With this song  


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